GREAT MOVIE LOVE THEMES – Romantic Gala of Film Music
Award-winning film music by John Barry, Nino Rota, James Horner, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer and more – live performed by the Venus Orchestra, soloists and a choir.

Listen up and start the movie! The famous music from romantic cult films, opulently staged and masterly performed – the Venus Orchestra celebrates GREAT MOVIE LOVE THEMES. Timeless soundtracks from highly emotional and captivating big-screen hits such as Titanic, Gone with the Wind or Dirty Dancing become an overwhelming live music experience. Enjoy GREAT MOVIE LOVE THEMES performed in large symphonic instrumentation – visit the concert together with your loving partner best.

The greatest movie would be merely half as poignant without the right soundtrack. Whether dealing with epic, subtle or poetic motifs, the musical compositions lend themselves to the images and enhance their appeal that much more. Some musical themes have garnered such a powerful reputation that they overshadow the film. Just how indispensable soundtracks are is demonstrated not least by the awards for those composers who have received Golden Globes and Oscars for their works.

GREAT MOVIE LOVE THEMES is dedicated to these magnificent soundtracks. The program features songs from the most famous love stories of decades past.  “My Heart Will Go On” from the elevenfold Oscar-winning drama Titanic and memorable tracks from Love Story and Life is Beautiful are just a few of the award-winning soundtracks featured on GREAT MOVIE LOVE THEMES.

Let yourself be carried away to a world full of romance and passion with compositions from past films like Cinema Paradiso, Romeo and Juliet and Pirates of the Caribbean. GREAT MOVIE LOVE THEMES is a musical-movie journey through cinematic history; from Gone with the Wind (1939) to the current blockbuster La La Land (2016 Oscar and Golden Globe) and, of course, the eighties – the decade of romantic love stories. Who could forget cult classics like Dirty Dancing and Out of Africa?

Award-winning tracks by composers like Ennio Morricone, James Horner and Hans Zimmer conjure up grandiose scenarios in your mind’s eye; emotions set to music as a universal language, beautifully arranged and passionately performed by the Venus Orchestra. At the same time, GREAT MOVIE LOVE THEMES offers an opulent stage look: Video projections and impressive lighting scenes flow together to form an incomparable celebration of the senses. The evening will be complemented by presentations containing exciting and well-founded information on the films and the history of their soundtracks.

Enjoy together with the Venus Orchestra and GREAT MOVIE LOVE THEMES the memory of your romantic cinema visits as well as the unforgettable love scenes full of heart, emotions and drama. Relive the stories of couples like Scarlett and Rhett, Jack and Rose, and Johnny and Baby – all while recalling your own first flirts and true love.