Virtuoso musicians interpreting the pearls of music history – this is what symphony orchestras do daily. The VENUS ORCHESTRA is no exception, and yet somehow everything is a little different than a conventional ensemble at these ladies’ concerts. This is because as varied as the musical content of each program is, one thing remains constant: The large number of female musicians on stage have just one brave man facing them – the conductor. And for him, it is not always easy having a crowd of self-confident women determining the tempo. Plenty of surprising and entertaining moments are guaranteed, because as much as the orchestra demonstrates its musical virtuosity, special challenges are constantly popping up for everyone. Sometimes a Mom brings her child to the concert due to a lack of a babysitter, or the stunning soloist simply refuses to respond to the charm being laid on thick by the dashing music director. Musical highlights combined with captivating performances and amusing interludes: The VENUS ORCHESTRA concerts are always high-class entertainment with esprit.


“Classical entertainment in the true sense of the word…”

Karlsruher Wochenblatt, Germany